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February 9, 2023

Trevor Loudon

Selling America by the Yuan: Unmasking the Enemies Within

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Tonight, we have a mind-blowing VERITAS episode. We are joined by a man who isn't afraid to ask the tough questions and uncover the truth. He is a fearless truth-seeker, Mr. Trevor Loudon is the author of 4 books, 3 films, and host of "Counterpunch" on the Epoch Times. Trevor has spent years delving into the dark underbelly of politics. What he's uncovered will leave you stunned. The US Senate, a key governing body with immense influence over foreign policy and negotiations with foreign powers, may have been infiltrated by domestic radicals or foreign enemies of the country.

With no background checks or regulations on Congress members, Senators, or their staff, the possibility of infiltration is a chilling reality. If an enemy nation wanted to bring America to its knees, it would be easier to buy or compromise politicians to control government decisions, rather than engage in a costly trade war or start a shooting war. Despite politicians being suspected of working for foreign powers, they go unaccountable while US politicians face false charges.

The alarm bells ring even louder when we consider that American communists may have infiltrated the Democratic Party and now hold positions in Congress with access to confidential information, taxpayer money, and sensitive information. Get ready, as we unravel the truth about political infiltration, espionage, and treason in the US Senate. It's time to ask the question, who is really in control of our government? Join us and find out what you need to know to protect our country and our freedom. This is an interview you won't want to miss.

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Author, speaker, filmmaker, famous political commentator and lecturer, Mr. Trevor Loudon is one of the world`s foremost experts on anti-communism and anti-socialism. The author of 4 books, 3 films and host of "Counterpunch" on the Epoch Times, Mr. Trevor Loudon travels all over the world speaking at numerous engagements, conferences, and lectures to promote Christian values, Free Markets, limited Government, foreign policy and national security issues.

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