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We offer a recurring quarterly subscription for $29.99 per quarter (first quarterly payment is $39.99) or $9.99 per month when you sign up for our recurring subscription. This discounted rate is available as long as your subscription remains active. However, if you cancel the recurring subscription, access to the member section will be terminated immediately, regardless of how much time is left. For those who do not wish for their subscription to renew automatically, we offer other non-recurring subscriptions which do not renew automatically and are not discounted. Please consider this information carefully when selecting your subscription type.

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Upon subscribing (unless you paid via the PayPal Donation button or physical mail), you will receive login information that will grant you access to the Members Area of our website.

Payments are processed through PayPal, a secure and internationally recognized credit card payment clearinghouse. You do not need to be a PayPal member to join our service. To make an alternative payment, go to the Alternative Payment Section and follow the instructions.

With our 3-Month Recurring Subscription option, you can choose how long you would like to maintain your membership - 3, 6, 9 months, 1 year or longer. To cancel your subscription, go to the Members Section and click the Cancel button at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to manually cancel your subscription through PayPal. Please note that access to the members section will cease immediately upon canceling.

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To listen to our audio files, you can use any audio player that is capable of playing MP3s, such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, or iTunes.

Our podcast is now available for download through the iTunes or RSS feed links. Both segments are included for members, while non-members can only download the first segment and shows prior to the last one.

To save an audio file to your hard drive, right click (or, if you are using a Mac, click and hold down) on the download button and select "Save Target As...". Then choose a folder to save the MPfile in.

If you require further assistance, please contact us. In order to help you, you must include your Veritas username or write from an email linked to your subscription. Otherwise, we will not be able to match your account and your email will be discarded.

Please note that sharing your login with others is strictly prohibited. Your subscription gives you, and only you, access to our platform. If we detect that you are sharing your login or that your IP address is in multiple locations at the same time, your subscription will be cancelled immediately without a refund and you will be permanently banned from our website.

Veritas Members have access to a range of exclusive content that is protected by copyright. Redistributing or selling this content, or publishing or broadcasting it without permission, is strictly prohibited and may result in the termination of the offender's access to the Veritas Members Section, without any refunds. If you wish to use or share any of our content, please contact us first.

As a member, you will have access to a minimum of 48 interviews per year, as well as all previous member interviews dating back to December 2008. You will also have exclusive access to our Member Chat Room.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for any subscription payments. When you make a payment, you will have access to the Member Section for the term you signed up for. If you have a recurring subscription and choose to cancel, your access to the Members Section will cease immediately. Veritas reserves the right to add or remove audio files from the radio archive at any time.

All of our shows are available in high quality 128 kbps, 44.1 KHz, stereo format. For those using a modem, information on how to access lower quality audio can be found on the program information page under "Modem Users."

Please note that subscriptions are for personal use only. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, transfer, sharing, public performance, and broadcasting are strictly prohibited. Do not upload our interviews to other websites, as this is a violation of our copyright. If you believe our interviews are valuable, please provide a link to our website instead.

If a subscriber is found to be hosting and disseminating our copyrighted material, their Veritas membership will be permanently revoked without a refund and we may pursue legal action. We rely on voluntary subscriptions to cover our ongoing production expenses and appreciate your support. Our interviews are provided free of charge to our guests, with no financial exchange.

As a Veritas Radio Member, you will have access to uncensored, unscripted, and uncut content that is not restricted by advertisers or sponsors. Our guests feel comfortable sharing information without interruptions, allowing for a more natural flow of conversation. We prioritize uncovering the truth through a wide range of topics, and our archive of past shows is available to members for download or listening at their leisure.

It's never too late to join and become a part of our community. Thank you for listening and for your support.



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