Michael Tellinger

History Of Money, Is Bitcoin a Trap?, & Is History Wrong On Human Origins?

February 15, 2018

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What is the history of money? Is there a better way? Communism and socialism are not the answer, as evidenced by so many failed experiments like the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela, just to name a few. Our guest is the opinion that capitalism is not working either. Could we learn from the ancient ones in order to bring about a system that renders money useless, but that uses the exchange of energy by the people instead? Why is history wrong on human origins? Does ancient technology give us a new perspective on the Anunnaki? What is the nature of reality? What is the scientific agenda? Have you seen mountains with a flat top? Think of Devils Tower in Wyoming. Could these have been giant trees cut with ancient technology (sasers - (sound amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) in order to mine monoatomic gold? (think of the movie Avatar). These are some of the topics being discussed on this Veritas installment.


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Michael Tellinger is a scientist in the true sense of the word, never shying away from controversial issues and scrutinizing every clue meticulously. He approaches everything from a scientific perspective and is not afriad to discuss anything and everything. For over three decades, Michael has had a long obsession with the origins of humankind and the genetic anomalies of our species and has authored many books.






























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