Jucelino Nobrega da Luz

Prophetic Dream Journal: 2021 & Beyond

April 15, 2021

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Jucelino's childhood was very different from other children, and quite troubled because, from an early age, he began to manifest paranormal faculties. As time went by his physical system began to change to enable him to have paranormal experiences, and these changes caused problems. By the age of seven, these problems were more pronounced, and he had to repeat a year in school, notwithstanding his intelligence. His family, evangelical Catholics, found his experiences incomprehensible, as did others he knew, especially his school friends. His mother, concerned for his well-being, took him to hospital for an examination, but the doctors could not find anything outwardly wrong with him. From the age of 13, Jucelino began to write his dreams down in letters. He found that unless he did so he could not sleep. In the course of his life Jucelino has had about 90,000 premonitory dreams. How does he know this with any accuracy? Because he has written them down and kept copies of all the written versions. Jucelino's daily life is outwardly unremarkable. He lives in the Brazilian city of Aguas de Lidoia with his wife Claudia and their four children. Jucelino's inner life is as remarkable as his outer life is commonplace. When he is asleep he travels through space and time and witnesses events which have not yet transpired on the earthly plane, but which will come to pass in days, months, years or decades in the future. Jucelino refers to his experiences as "premonitory dreams", but these are obviously very different from the dreams that most people have. So, to call them "dreams" is a matter of convenience, and refers mainly to the fact that they occur when he is asleep. Since Jucelino refers to them that way, so does this book, but in truth they are more like extraordinarily sharp visions of a wide variety of future events. In rare cases, they refer to Jucelino himself -- he saw his wife in a dream three months before meeting and marrying her.





































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