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* This beautiful piece of craftsmanship is made of brushed metal and it stores the entire audio files:


*Season 1 (+ Music for Season 1 + PDFs)

*Season 2 (+ Special Reports) 

*Season 3 (+ Bonus PDFs)

*Season 4 (+ Soundtrack)

*Season 5 (+ Hundreds of health/healing/survival PDFs and documents)

*Season 6 (+ FBI-CIA Files on Tesla, Einstein and Von Braun)

*Season 7 (+ 99 Essential survival books on PDF)

*Season 8

*Season 9

*Season 10  (+ Includes most of the music of  S10 composed/performed by Mel (Manticore)

*Season 11 (+ 10 e-books)

*Season 12

*Season 13

All in CD audio quality / MP3 128kpbs 44khz. 

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Season 13 - New!!


* All shows for Season 13.





Season 12


* All shows for Season 12.






Season 11


* All shows for Season 11. Plus 10 e-books as a bonus.






Season 10


* All shows for Season 10. Plus most of the music featured on Season 10 composed and performed by Mel (Manticore).







Season 9


* All shows for Season 8.






Season 8


* All shows for Season 8.






Season 7


* All shows for Season 7.




Season 6


* All shows for Season 6.

As a bonus, we are including  FBI-CIA Files on Tesla, Einstein and Von Braun.





Season 5


* All shows for Season 5.

As a bonus, we are including hundreds health/healing/survival PDFs and documents.





Season 4


* All shows for Season 4.

As a bonus, Season 4 includes Mel Hostalrich' VERITAS: Ambient & Space Vol. 1.  This is the soundtrack / background music extracted from various VERITAS episodes and composed and produced by Mel Hostalrich during 2012. 

Click Here for more information and to sample the bonus tracks.





Season 3


As a bonus:

* A video NASA does not want you to watch.  Apparently, the footage on this video was sold at a NASA store.  The person who bought it was called by NASA to return it.  NASA never sold it again.

* 91 PDF files including very important documents.  Too many to mention.  They are compressed in Zip format.





Season 2


As a bonus:

* The Paul Bennewitz Original Letters - scanned from original and transcribed as well.  This man was forced to a mental institution until he died, because of what he knew. 

We could not include more because there was no more space to fit additional material.





Season 1


As a bonus:

* Clifford Stone Government UFO Files

* Veritas History [Premiere Episode Transcript - including how the show was created]. This transcript is for sale and is included free with this purchase:

* FBI & CIA declassified files on Tesla, Einstein and Von Braun.

*20 Survival E-Books

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