January 12, 2023

Marcus Allen

The Apollo Moon Hoax


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In the period 1968 to 1972 NASA claims to have sent nine missions to the Moon of which six allegedly landed astronauts on the lunar surface. This narrative has stood the test of time and is now almost universally recognized as being true. It has been bolstered by a relentless propaganda exercise by NASA, by a partisan group of pro-NASA disciples, by many scientists, by academia and incessantly reinforced by the mass media. So much so that it is now a part of our historical record. The truth is that it never happened, no astronauts ever trod on the lunar surface or ever ventured outside the Earth's protective magnetosphere. It is a detective story of epic proportions but the evidence is there to prove this without any ambiguity. Finding that evidence of deceit has been a long painstaking effort by many dedicated researchers over the past fifty years. Researchers, who have suffered the ignominy of being branded as heretics for even questioning the official record. So much so that investigating the evidence brands one as being a conspiracy theorist with all the negativity that such a title has come to mean. Tonight's discussion brings together the irrefutable evidence that exposes the deceit. It cuts through the nefarious propaganda and disinformation from the pro-NASA lobby that has for years clouded the real issue.

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Marcus Allen is the UK publisher of Nexus Magazine, which he introduced to the UK and Europe in 1994. Nexus is the world's leading alternative news magazine, covering Health, Future Science, Hidden History, The Unexplained and UFOs. Nexus originates from Australia, and is now sold in over 100 countries including the USA and Canada. Marcus is now able to pursue his lifelong interest in The Unexplained, on a full time basis. The Moon Landings and Ancient Egypt are just two of the many 'taboo' subjects he has investigated, around which new questions have been raised that have yet to be adequately answered. Marcus has appeared on many TV shows during the past 25 years, to discuss the Apollo Moon Landing controversy: the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky News and Sci Fi and Discovery Channels, as well as being interviewed on numerous national, local radio and online shows in the UK and In the USA, on Coast to Coast AM and the Conspiracy Show. He has also given many public presentations throughout Britain and Europe, and one in Kathmandu, Nepal which challenge the 'official' story of men landing on the Moon over 50 years ago. He asks anyone to 'prove him wrong' when he claims that no human has landed on the Moon.

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