Bridget Brick

Escaping the Matrix: How to Deprogram Yourself & Live Life Without Limits

November 3, 2022

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Bridget Brick has almost a decade in the mortgage industry. Recently specializing in investment property loans. She's passionate about this as a means for the everyday American to find and have freedom from the matrix system of a 9-5 job. Her WHY (in helping people escape the matrix) is what drives her to share not only financial wealth tips, but also spiritual wealth tips, that she calls Brix of Knowledge. She knows this because she's lived it, and has plenty to share between her personal story and from getting knocked down in business a few times, but still finding major success.

Her past business experience includes some time in the tech industry, helping startups raise capital for Series A funding, and working with the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Office to launch 3 startups into the North American Market. In between, she's also had 5 businesses, and has a knack for noticing and picking up trends in the market. What she's found in this business (lending on investment properties) that she didn't find in her other businesses, is a strong connection to her purpose of raising the vibration of the collective, by teaching them both spiritual and financial aspects to help them find the truths inside themselves and to establish freedom for themselves and their families.








































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