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October 27, 2022

Eddie Powell

Medical Mafia to Modern Marx

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This interview is based on a true story that aims to reveal the great sinister plot behind every medication applied to every patient. We will expose the business-oriented medical and pharmaceutical business intending to generate huge profits, rather than prioritizing cures for patients. The medical system has led to an ongoing mafia system throughout the western world and has led to the few who get cured and the many who get destroyed by the legal medical system and some who even die from it, which is very much like how a mortgage system to property development works. The few at the top gain everything while the many at the bottom pay the price for it by taking the risks of being drugged and experimented with, while being told it's the healthcare system.

It's to show how far someone today must go to be cured, and why more people need to demand cures than just accept the system of healthcare when they're the consumers of this system, keeping the majority of those in it employed. With an ageing population now growing around the world, this industry has become the biggest industry in the world and has created a cancer on itself by profiting off sickness rather than curing it which needs to become Terminal Cancer to the Medical Mafia to stop them causing forms of warfare on peoples health which they have got away with for decades and force them to cure not treat symptoms!!

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Eddie Powell is I a Geo-Political researcher, artist, Pharmaceutical Whistleblower, Global Traveler, and Truth seeker to find alternatives to mainstream politics and mainstream living. Because if everyone keeps following the same systems of mainstream globalism with the few getting richer and the many keep getting poorer, the world becomes worse, and democracy fades away while communism grows. Like globalism, the world will become a much worse place for all while being run by the few, because the many know no other way to live than follow the mainstream systems forever more.

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Medical Mafia to Modern Marx

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