Ryan Musgrave-Evans

Beyond Pascagoula:

The Rest of the Amazing UFO Abduction Story

January 13, 2022

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S y n o p s i s

There is another race of people inhabiting our world. They are not identical to us - although we are closely enough related to interbreed. They go largely unseen and unknown - although occasionally there are reports from a select few eyewitnesses of encounters with them; or observations of their advanced craft and technologies; or half-remembered interactions at night in homes across the world by the general public, that are usually scrambled or unclear in the mind's eye. They have been here co-existing with us for millennia; influencing our spirituality, folklore and religious, philosophical and even political systems. They wield a sophisticated set of technological 'toys' that bedazzle and mesmerize us, confuse our senses and our recollective powers, allow them to walk through walls, become invisible at will and float soundlessly through the air. This book is an investigation into the long-term presence of a race of humanoid beings - different and yet disturbingly similar to us; that walk unchecked through our houses and gardens at night, lurk in our woodlands and remote places... and who move beneath our oceans and govern our dreams. We move through historical accounts of non-humanoid beings - from the Fairy Faith of Celtic lands, to the earliest accounts of 'aliens' and 'ETs' in the modern era, all the way to the contemporary cases of Charles Hall's Millennial Hospitality and Christopher Bledsoe's Fayetteville Incident- meditating on the similarities and apparent identical natures of these non-human entities throughout history and time. The Children of Orion are here... and with them come the answers to our past, to our present and to our future selves.



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Ryan Mysgrave-Evans lives in Victoria, Australia. He has a Bachelor of Arts w/ 1st Class Honours, Philosophy, Latrobe University, Bundoora, Melbourne. He is an author. His latest publication is titled Children of Orion: Finding the Cryptoterrestrials. He is fluent speaker of Irish and Scottish Gaelic and has an insatiable preoccupation with Comparative Linguistics, Philosophy, Folklore, Religious Studies and all research into the Paranormal.


































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