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December 2, 2021

Neil Kramer

Be a Lighthouse in the Storm

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"You can't see what you don't understand. But what you think you already understand, you'll fail to notice." Some call it clarity blindness. We have more information now at our fingertips than ever before, yet people believe not what is true but what is comfortable to them." Some call this clarity blindness. Evil operates with consent, regrettably there are many who blindly give their consent. Do not yield and do not consent to evil. And the architects of this house of card know it. Divide and conquer is their game. We have to stay strong and stay together, and more than anything we must defend organic life and fight transhumanism. Evil is here as part of this world of duality so we can understand the lessons. And lastly, the most popular question i receive is: where can i escape to? We'll discuss the answer to this question in detail during part 2. But i can tell you one thing. Unknowingly, if you are listening to this program, you are already a lighthouse wherever you are. You are designed for survival. And your light guides others to safety.

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Neil Kramer is a British teacher, writer, and speaker, specializing in the fields of theology, esotericism, and philosophy. Neil`s work focuses on cultivating a deeper understanding of self, soul, spirit, transformation, and divinity. His studies integrate many classical and mystical spiritual disciplines. His background in Christianity and Hermetism has helped to foster a balance of both traditional and non-traditional approaches to comprehending spiritual reality.

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