Zade Watson

What is Really Happening in Australia?

September 30, 2021

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Zade has worked for over ten years in the film and television industry, both in fiction and documentary filmmaking. He has worked for years in China and SE Asia on human rights and animal welfare films and campaigns. Zade has studied many degrees, including Art, Film, Animation and Marketing, and studied Biology, and recently has been studying a dual degree in Psychology and Biotechnology. Zade has worked for many human rights organizations as well as environmental conservation societies. He has been the President of the Vegetarian and Vegan Society in QLD and had a short career in local politics where he worked as the local coordinator for Brisbane and ran for Federal Senate for Animal Justice Party and has had a long life of direct action activism, where he has lead groups, organized rallies, and taught workshops. While he originally quit the film industry and politics, he has just recently deferred his University degree to go back to filmmaking to inform the world about the facts of this Coronavirus Plandemic.


































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