Robert Felix

Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps


July 8, 2021

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Robert Felix

R.I.P. | 1942 - 2021

Robert Felix makes a legitimate case for extinctions due to magnetic reversals. Why hasn't the scientific community performed a more comprehensive and complete investigation? Given the biases of that system towards orthodox ideas, one wonders if such will ever occur. Perhaps only the inevitable geomagnetic reversal will ultimately resolve the mystery.

Schools have replaced science with non-science and this book brings back a lot of science. Felix answers a lot of questions. He answers Darwin's missing link problem. He has good evidence to back up his theories. He explains how cataclysmic pole shifts are part of a cycle and how the deposits of coal and diamonds laying on top of dinosaurs' bones came about. About how oil and diamonds raining from the sky that formed the layers on the Dino bones. Also, he tells about "natural" nuclear explosions can happen. He shows the geo evidence of their occurrence.

From past evidence, it appears that we are due another pole shift. The energies released cause a horrendous lighting storm all over the earth that amalgamates carbon gases in the atmosphere into oil, diamonds and radioactive isotopes. The radiation will mutate and kill the present lifeforms and new species will emerge... This is why there are no evolutionary links Darwin predicted...

There isn't much written about what happened over 10,000 years ago since we couldn't write; so observation, analysis and insight are key to understanding the past. This book is about cycles. Felix tells us we are approaching the end of an 11,500 year warming period and about to enter a similar cooling period. He points out that atmospheric carbon produced by humans is not a significant problem. You also will understand what happened to the dinosaurs and the mammoths.

Robert Felix was right about magnetic reversals causing explosions In the atmosphere. He was right about almost everything else as well, according to the hard science of the past thirty years. Felix figured it out. This has been a reliable constant of science for the past 1000 years - all the major advances have been made by laymen working outside their original professions.

One of the problems with Darwin's theories is exactly that we don't find the missing links. We find different species appearing seemingly out of nowhere. There are probably other reasons that occur, natural selection being a reason, but the mutations have to occur someway, and gradual mutations probably wouldn't lead to drastic changes in species that we end up seeing.

Felix also goes into a lot of detail linking extinctions and reversals, as well as creation of new materials on earth. His theories are fascinating. The Himalayan glaciers are growing despite "global warming." Perhaps Felix's theories will become proven fact sooner than we think.

B i o

Robert W. Felix, author of Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, attended the University of Minnesota School of Architecture in the mid-1960s.

Upon graduation he traveled throughout the U.S. working with architects and builders from Florida to Colorado to Alaska. In the early 1970s he settled in Tucson, where he designed and built more than 300 custom homes and small office buildings.

However, beginning in early 1991 he became vitally interested in the cause of extinctions and signed up for further studies at the University of Washington. Following his new-found passion, he spent the next 8½ years – full-time – researching and writing his first book, Not by Fire but by Ice.

As he conducted the research for that first book, a few bits of contrary information began seeping into his consciousness.

He learned that many geomagnetic reversals—far more than could be dismissed as mere coincidence—had occurred in sync with mass extinctions. And many of those magnetic reversals had occurred in sync with our planet’s descent into catastrophic glaciation.

He learned that paleontologists had discovered unexplained layers of carbon lying next to dinosaur remains, and that they had also found unexplained deposits of radioactive materials lying next to dinosaur remains

He learned that entirely new kinds of plants and animals had appeared in the geologic record almost immediately after extinctions—time after time after time. The new plants and animals had arrived as if from nowhere, with no known ancestors, with no intermediate life forms to explain their sudden presence.

Where did all of those new plants and animals come from? And why did their arrival so often coincide with geomagnetic reversals?

Thus was born his new book Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

Felix is not affiliated with any university, scientific establishment, or corporation, and therein lies his strength. Untainted by institutional bias or conventional wisdom this architect turned author brings fresh insight to the study of the ice ages.

Felix began publishing in 1997. It took six years to get the first 60,000 hits. Now the website gets 60,000 hits every two weeks.

































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