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Living in a Post-Truth World

July 1, 2021

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Stephen Miller has studies law for over 30 years and acts as private attorney general for the public interest. He is an expert of Law and using Law to benefit/remedy the public's interest and make changes. Stephen also writes material for PANDA (People Against the National Defense Act). He served the US Army and received an honorable medical discharge when he was chemically poisoned and almost died of pneumonia at Fort Leonardwood Missouri. Stephen is also known worldwide as Maestro Stephen J Miller, opera tenor and guitar virtuoso. He set a world record Live on TV for the longest human vocal notes and most powerful operatic voice, still unbeaten.

Originally from Livonia Michigan, age 56, Stephen Miller started very young with a deep concern for truth. After becoming physically disabled for a time, from a construction accident in 1994, Stephen took that time to study all the things that he always wanted to know. Law was his main focus for many years after he recovered from his two story fall off of a barn down to the concrete. Stephen is also known for his talent in singing and guitar virtuosity. Stephen loves animals and has spent his life rescuing many animals from mini horses to draft horses and countless dogs, cats, possums, etc. Stephen was recognized by Amnesty International for helping girls and women against violence all over the globe, 2014 certificate of appreciation holder. Stephen appeared on coast to coast AM in 2012 speaking against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as private attorney general for the public interest. Most states have now quashed the "indefinite detention" clause which allowed the Military to arrest anyone without cause or warrant.






































Maestro Stephen John Miller


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