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September 20, 2018

David Whitehead

Belief Systems, Human Potential, The Fabian Agenda, & Warriorship

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Our lives are governed by our beliefs. Many of them, we may believe to be the truth. Often times these beliefs, can have the potential to create happiness or unhappiness in our lives and the world around us. Two people with the exactly same set of circumstances and conditions, can have a completely different experience, because of the beliefs they hold. The beliefs which we choose to believe are rarely an absolute truth. Beliefs are usually a relative truth. At times they can feel like they are actually the truth, because of the evidence we have created about them from our lives. This evidence can evolve from the media, society, people around us, personal experience, parents, teachers and religion.

This and a discussion about current world events and solutions.

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I was Born in Calgary Alberta, and am currently residing in British Columbia Canada. I am a full time Martial Arts instructor, father, and entrepreneur in the field of health and wellness.

I have always been on a quest. Since as far back as I can remember, something drew me magnetically to the martial arts, warrior legend, and to philosophy. From the rare programs on TV I was able to catch, or the books I came across at the local library, I devoured everything I could find on the tales of courageous samurai, valiant knights and medieval military strategy, comparative religion and mythology, and even modern day super-heroes.

There was something about the iconic warrior archetype that intrigued me more than anything else I had come across.

The world of martial arts opened up to me while watching some martial art demonstrations at the local exhibition centre. I wanted to be those people I saw performing, and I would imagine it was me doing those seemingly miraculous movements so flawlessly and with such confidence.

The Ninja Turtles may have also had an early influence.

I now hold degrees in multiple martial arts styles, and continue to train and teach the physical and spiritual warrior principles to this day.

What I have discovered and experienced from this quest for knowledge is laid out in the material of this site, and in my podcast for your benefit.

What do I get out of it you ask?

I live for this.

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