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May 10, 2018

Mitchell Nicholas Gerber

Forced Live Organ Harvesting Exposed

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If you're a frequent listener to this program you know we despise censorship and cover a wide array of topics ranging from the supernatural to the most real. Real topics most media dare not discuss. As the saying goes, sometimes the truth hurts but it will set you free. What you're about to hear tonight is something everyone should be aware of. I must warn you. This episode is not apt for children or those who are easily disturbed. But if you want to empower yourself with this information, then stay with us.

I'm sure you've heard of someone someone who's in desperate need of a life-saving organ transplant. Many people spend months if not years on a waiting lists hoping that a compatible donor will come along. It's no secret there's a shortage of these desperately needed organs, but in some countries, for the right price, you can purchase these organs on the black market. Human traffickers are notorious for targeting people who are desperate to leave their third world countries, for instance. But china, in particular, offers organs on demand, to organ tourists. Yes, you heard that right. Organ tourists.

These are people who come from western countries to get these life-saving organ transplants. But we have to ask ourselves. Where do these organs come from? Where do they get this endless supply of organs on demand? Experts say that the government has secretly turned to the prison population as its source to fill this growing demand. These are so called prisoners of conscience. It sounds absolutely unbelievable. Too unbelievable to be true, but dozens of highly respected investigators, scholars and government officials around the world claim that the Chinese government is harvesting organs from groups considered political or cultural enemies of the regime.

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His name is Mitchell The Lion Heart. He is a veteran activist who has dedicated over 17 years of his life to help expose one of the Most brutal persecutions and Human rights atrocities in Modern history: A NEW FORM OF EVIL: The State Mandated and State Endorsed Forced LiVE Organ Harvesting of the Falun Gong spiritual movement in China; where between 60 and 100 THOUSAND practitioners of this spiritual mind and body practice have been murdered each year; since 1999 in China. At least 100 THOUSAND Falun Gong practitioners each year have been illegally detained; sent to countless labor camps and over 800 hospitals in and around China; where their bodies are cut open while ALIVE; organs forcefully taken from their bodies while ALIVE; sold for large profit; and then the Falun Gong practitioners` bodies are burned in the boiler rooms of the hospitals to conceal the evidence.

Mitchell leaves no name, and seeks no reward; all he wants is for people to stand in support of upholding the dignity of Falun Gong and become deeply aware about this new form of evil against this innocent group of people. Ladies and Gentlemen this will soon leave the world`s people numb, soul stirred and shocked that this has been going on for the last 18+ years and continues to this day. Mitchell asks you for your awareness and support and nothing more! He stands on The principle l that To fail to support the Good and To fail to expose the Evil in this world is Unacceptable. Thus, we as human beings must have the courage to not remain silent, but to step forward and do what is Right and to make those places where evil is occurring the center of our attention.

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