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March 8, 2018

Martin Kenny

Cosmic Egg: Where Are We? Why Are We Here? Where Are We Going?

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Our discussion steps outside of the proverbial box. We discuss the Cosmic Egg theory of the universe we live in. Get ready for new material you are likely not have been exposed to before.

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I am a student of syncretism which is the science of harmonizing the different teachings, cultures, sciences, religions and philosophies from current schools of thought as well as from the ancient mystery schools. Over the last couple of years I have dedicated my life to trying to piece together the workings and mysteries of our collective reality... where are we?, what are we?, why are we here and where are we going? The fundamental idea behind syncretism is that the answers to these questions do not belong to any one culture,race, religion or book but in fact encoded across the full spectrum of our collective reality within this realm. Syncretism also brings together physical sciences, philosophical science as well as spirituality.

Over the last year I have been working on and building a model of what our universe could be from a geocentric perspective. I have used the cosmic egg model which most ancient cultures subscribed to and even modern heliocentric science alludes to. My Geocentric cosmic egg model is based on the idea that our entire universe is inside an electromagnetic `egg shaped` torus field with our flat Earth running inside diametrically across it. I suggest that our flat earth is much bigger and more expansive than most geocentrists would like to believe.

It is my innerstanding that there are other lands, dimensions and civilisations yet to be discovered across and within the plane of our Earth. The whole earth consists of 4 concentric rings of land, each ring having it`s own sun and moon, which would be our wandering stars. The full expanse of our entire earth would be what the ancient Greeks referred to as Atlantis or mother Gaia, the kemetic Egyptians called the Ben Ben or mother Geb and the Indo vedics referred to as the Bhu-mandala. At the centre (North Pole) hidden beyond the torus field known as the Aurora borealis is a crater continent, the cradle of humanity otherwise known as the garden of Eden in religious circles or Shambala in Indo eastern cultures. And outside of us, beyond the Antarctic circle and Aurora Australis are other lands inhabited by other civilisations, what we might call outer space. This is just a small preview of my findings and research, I have constructed models showing how this geocentric cosmic Egg model would look like. I am also looking forward to releasing and launching a large scale planetarium modeled on this cosmic egg theory, at this convention.

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