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Titanic and Hindenburg:

Two Tragedies, One Plan: Oil

June 8, 2017

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The latest evidence surrounding the Titanic sinking and the Hindenburg burning has exposed both disasters for what they are; premeditated destructions similar to the 911 world trade tower demolitions of 2001. These tragic events helped steer all future transportation development toward inferior petroleum powered mechanisms, making both the Titanic and the Hindenburg part of one sinister plan.


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Kenneth M. Price, Jr. is a semi-retired free-lance engineer, writer and musician currently residing in Washington state. A brief history includes his graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from the University of California in 1976. Kenneth then spent 14 years working for a major oil company.

It was during this time that he gained expertise in the lubrication of large industrial equipment. Besides requiring good mechanical aptitude, his job required a background in engines, transmissions, hydraulic presses, steam turbines, gas compressors, electrical generators and unlimited manufacturing processes and their specific processing-oil needs. Over time Kenneth amassed a sizable data-bank of modern and old industrial equipment and incredible insight into the nature of friction, motion and energy efficiency related to motion.

Decades later he would begin to realize that the fuel systems and engines related to the industries of an era gone by were every bit as good if not better as the re-designs of the more ƒ’‚¢ƒ¢â‚š‚¬ƒ€â‚“modernizedƒ’‚¢ƒ¢â‚š‚¬ƒ€š‚ designs. One common denominator seemed to be the use of petroleum in amounts that were excessive and deliberate gas guzzling designs continued to take the spotlight. He also learned that many more modern inventions had come along and even been put into operation, but for some reason or another, those had later been deliberately ignored and/or suppressed.

Price began to see that the oil and gas industry had been more than just fuel suppliers -- They had in fact designed the overall transportation system to suit fit their products wherever they could.

This corporate human engineering capability really hit home

when Kenneth visited foreign countries and learned that the entire planet was overrun with the same kind of piston engines with similar fuel and oil requirements. He found that even the small tropical island getaway in Fiji was under the yoke of the same industry. Even there they had plans to shut down the narrow-rail freight train that hauled the sugar cane effortlessly and efficiently across the land to the mill and they were converting all transport to diesel powered trucks. When Kenneth returned from his 5 year hiatus abroad he began the work on a book that would contain all of the information he had gathered. This he entitled, The Rise and Stall of the Piston Engine. In this work he explains how the oil companies and car companies are part of the same overall petroleum-plan -- which is to equip the modern world with propulsion mechanisms that consume petroleum and in massive quantities. ƒ’‚¢ƒ¢â‚š‚¬ƒ¢â€š¬‚¹

While he considered publishing The Rise and Stall of the Piston Engine, he held back reasoning most people would not think the book was right for the times. Having been brought up in the industry, being hip to their tactics and having reviewed the lives of hundreds of inventors who had been sidelined, defunded, economically ruined, audited, extorted and in some instances killed, Kenneth knew the risk outweighed the gain. In the meantime he went to work on his second book, Titanic and Hindenburg; Two Tragedies, One Plan. This book would turn out to be his all-consuming life work.

And now, in April 2017, after nine years of research, writing and near endless editing, Titanic and Hindenburg; Two Tragedies, One Plan has finally been completed. The book has so far received mostly raves from the people who have read it. It vividly documents the extent to which the oil industry has gone to achieve their monopoly and achieve grandiose sales objectives. It not only blows the lid off of what really happened to the Titanic and the Hindenburg but it explains in clear terms why they were destroyed -- and that was to create a false belief that the public should not have access to them for safety reasons. It is also a very fun and stimulating book to read!

The scope and ramifications of this book are so extraordinary that Kenneth has decided to absolve himself of any profit seeking motives related to the publication of its contents. For this reason he is offering it up free to the public. You just have to be truth-seeking and honest with yourself.

Priceƒ’‚¢ƒ¢â‚š‚¬ƒ¢â‚ž‚¢s goals in the release of this book are several.

- He wants all who read it to know that the testimony he provides has not been nor will be influenced by money or profit.

- He hopes that his goodwill actions inspire others to consider doing the same with their knowledge and insights related to engines, free energy and potent medical cures.

- He believes that more people will be inspired by his work if the bedrock inspiration of his research has been and continues to be altruistic and nothing more.

Contained within Titanic and Hindenburg; Two Tragedies, One Plan is enough valuable research, that if it is absorbed by a portion of the human population we will more easily liberate ourselves from the yoke of petroleum-servitude. And as we replace our transportation highways and bridges we will construct them out of materials that last, and they will reflect a level of technology that we have designed and deserve. And we will say no to self-steered cars that are equipped with the same medieval piston engines we've used for the past 100 years, finally to have steam and hydrogen power harnessed in the natural cycles that Nature intended.



































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