Stan Romanek

Awake & Abducted

November 13, 2009

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S y n o p s i s

There have been well over 100 individually unique experiences that Stan has encountered since December of 2000, some, which remain unexplainable. Being abducted is only one of many experiences. There have been hundreds of witnesses for dozens of events that defy our current understanding of reality. Witnesses, photographs, videotapes, physical evidence, police reports and scientific analysis have confirmed the validity of these experiences beyond reasonable doubt. Scientists from top universities have been analyzing various aspects of this case for several years with amazing results. The sheer volume of bizarre information, including highly sophisticated scientific equations pertaining to space travel and more, is creating quite a stir in the scientific community. Unraveling what is likely the world’s biggest unfolding mystery in the history of man is certain to revise our understanding of mankind and the complex universe we live in.  Some of Stan's abductions have occurred while he is fully awake.

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Stan Romanek is the center of what may be the most documented extraterrestrial contact case of all time. He has appeared on Larry King Live, FOX News, Entertainment Tonight, and has been featured in several documentaries on ABC, NBC, and the Sci-Fi channel, as well as numerous other radio and television programs. He lives with his wife near Denver, and continues to experience ongoing strange phenomena. The national spotlight has followed Stan Romanek’s accounts of alien abductions ever since the release of his home video in 2008 of what he insists is footage of an extraterrestrial being. For more than 5 years, reputable scientists and scholars have studied the strange formulas and equations Romanek claims were given to him during his encounters and have come to the same conclusion—the complexity of the equations and diagrams is genuine, and may hold clues to the secrets of zero-point energy and even interstellar travel.




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