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May 26, 2023

The Potential Harms of mRNA Platform in Covid Vaccines: A Scoping Review

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something was off? That little voice inside your head that tells you to be wary of the slick used car salesman or the too-good-to-be-true deal? That same feeling is what many people felt when they first heard about the mRNA Covid "vaccines." Despite the relentless marketing campaigns and the assurances of the medical establishment, something just didn't feel right.

And now, a new study from the World Council for Health confirms what many of us already suspected: the mRNA platform used in the Covid "vaccines" was never proven to be safe.

The paper, authored by Dr. Tess Lawrie and three other researchers, was published in the Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal on April 17, 2023. It is the first review of its kind, focusing specifically on the mRNA platform itself and not the other components of the Covid "vaccines."

The researchers found several reasons why the mRNA platform may be unsafe. For starters, it relies on lipid nanoparticles...

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